Friday, June 27, 2008

This Week's Excitement

Well, last Thursday was an event for sure, one I'd rather not have to repeat, but this Thursday proved to be something else entirely. At around 6:00 p.m., the sky darkened and the thunder and lightning show began, and then - the pelting pounding rain, buckets and buckets of it. And where did many of those buckets turn up? In my basement! Horrors!! All alone for this month with no help from S.O. or anyone else, the strange hole in the basement wall, which up until now only dribbled now and again, was gushing out into the large bucket and many many garden trugs were filled, and brought upstairs and poured out onto the lawn (it was still pelting and lightning by the way). OMG! At one point I couldn't keep up, and just stood there with feet in water and exclaiming various versions of unprintable language. The cats thought that I was doing some sort of new stair exercise, and seemed to hint that as long as their litter boxes were accessible, not to worry. Found out today in the local papers that many homes were flooded and lots of damage was done. But I must find out what that hole in the wall is, and why it seemed all the neighborhood's water was coming in. Today is still hot and muggy and I fear a repeat of yesterday. Thank God for garden trugs! Anyway, here is Manitou, how he probably looks right now awaiting his dinner - so off I go to feed the gang.

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  1. Oh my goodness, a flooded basement. That's terrible.