Friday, April 17, 2009

Another New Face

Even though my place is not the Caboodle Ranch (yet!), I sometimes wonder if there is a website for lost and lonely kitties out there that guides them to my house. Or could it be that the feline residents themselves somehow know when the errant one is just an interloper to be dealt with swiftly and “escorted” off the premises, or a wee one in need of some help, and perhaps, if all goes well, even a home?

Three days ago, this little one wandered into our yard. We heard her before we saw her actually – yowling up a storm in the hedge while I was hurrying off to work. The resident cat cat-wrangler went to investigate at my instruction and came back to report that a small tabby and white cat was “interfacing” with the local gray tom. I pray no “real” interfacing had taken place, and I also pray she is not already “in the family way”. Anyway, fast forward to the end of the day, and Manitou is fixing his attention on something under the porch – there she was, and in no time flat, in she came. The only one who really objected was Angel (small, black and female) – she has been reacting as though we have unleashed a 300 pound rhinoceros in the house. Anyway, this little cutie-patootie seems to have been an indoor cat mostly, and very quickly discovered the “prime real estate” on the couch (usually Longfellow’s spot – oh dear!) We are waiting to hear from the SPCA is anyone has lost this sweetie – but I somehow doubt anyone has. It’s close to moving season, and also students are taking off, and sadly they often leave behind their animals.

Petunia, Skittles, Lil – these are just a few of the names that have come up for her, but nothing seems to “stick” just yet – she’s a just a Little One for now.

As usual, check out The Friday Ark and then Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.

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  1. Oh she's lovely!! I do hope she's not in a family way, but you're a good woman for taking in kitties like this. She looks very comfortable in Longfellow's spot.