Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring at Maple Grove Gardens

Well, folks, it's been little while since there has been news from Maple Grove Gardens (that's us!). After much rain, wind and sun, the tulips and daffs and other spring arrivals are thriving, and so, another show begins - and with it comes a bazillion weeds - there is lots to do!

Little Petunia, who has now been officially named Chaiyka, is doing well and is still in a very kittenish phase: chasing leaves, bugs, and others cats tails! She has been so named because she makes this most cute little sound (mostly around feeding time) that sounds like a crying seagull - and Chaiyka in Polish (also in many other Slavic languages) means seagull. Apparently my grandmother in Poland used to call me that - I was just a baby.

On a more serious note, poor Longfellow has been to the vet for a very VERY bad and BIG abscess. He is now totally freaked out - he has little pipes or shunts in his side; he is sequestered, not eating, and very miserable. On top of all that, we are supposed to "torture" his 4 times a day to squeeze the "stuff" from him. Can you tell I am a little squeamish abut all this? Thanks goodness I have help, and the offer of a very nice vet to come by if we become totally helpless! And I was just recently thinking how we have been fortunate not have one of these injuries for some time. The worst is that is was rather advanced, and feel totally bad that I didn't notice it sooner. But LF can be a cry-baby and he is portly (the abscess is on his side/flank), so....anyway, this too shall pass.

As always, there's more to see at The Friday Ark and then Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.


  1. Sorry to hear of Longfellow's distress. Hope he recovers soon. My family is from Quebec - nice to find your blog.

  2. Hope Longfellow is feeling better now! You have the cutest kitties.