Friday, July 17, 2009

Raining cats and...more cats

So, I am beginning to be convinced there is a kitty website with directions to my house - for cats use only of course. Check it out: this a a picture of my porch - but - these are NOT my cats! I fear they may be homeless, and the tabby and white, we've named Rascal, is limping. The Siamese is so tiny, and doesn't seem to be growing - yesterday he was on this same chair curled up with our Chaiyka, and alas they moved before I could get a picture - they looked soooo cute! This, on the heels of having "grabbed" Mr. Poole (2nd photo, a bit hard to see), and taken him to the vet. Oh - have I not told you about Mr. Poole? Well, he's been around well over a month and when he first arrived he was just black/brown fur and bones - totally ravenous. He's been living outside it seems, and we were prepared to leave things be since it is summer. However, a week ago, I was stroking his head and noticed a bump, which became bigger and bigger. OMG! An abscess - right near the eyes. Well, needless to say, that could not wait - and off he went to the vet, where he got fixed as well. He's "home" now, but really doesn't look good - his eyes have discharge, and he makes a "snuffly" kind of sound. I suspect we will have to confer with our vet again. Sigh.

As always, there are more stories over at The Friday Ark and then Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.


  1. I think kitties know a loving sanctuary when they see one! They are adorable. Our foundling kitty, Naomi, is also tiny and I think she'll always bee a six-pound cat.

    Hope Mr. Poole is feeling much better very soon!

  2. Sam the Wonder Cat (more formally known as Samuel Herbert Miller II) just returned from a 4-day visit to the vet - he was diagnosed with diabetes and is now on insulin twice daily. He doesn't even notice when I give him his shot but it does complicate things since I will be in hospital in 2 weeks and he will need to be cared for by someone overnight. Back to the vet I guess. He hates my sister - truly he does!