Friday, August 21, 2009

One Comfortable Manitou - Priceless!

I recently came across this letter sent to my good friend Merrylou, from - you'll never believe it - Manitou! I had no idea he knew how to use my laptop. Anyway, check it out:

Dear Merrylou,

My name is Manitou (hey - that rhymes!), and maybe you have heard of me already, as I am very famous on my mummy's blog (whatever that is) - I am rather handsome aren't I? Well, enough small talk, let me get to the point.As you can see, I love my new bed, which my silly human thinks is a scratching box - like, duh - is it not obvious it is a lounger?? Anyway - maybe you have also heard of this Mr. Poole character - ugh -all black and spooky looking, and he has the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to sleep in my box!! Horrors! He is contaminating it! You MUST help me! Surely there are more out there?? Boxes, NOT Mr. Pooles! I am also sure money is no object, whatever money is - my human mommy is willing to spend whatever it takes to make me happy and comfortable. Don't I look comfortable in this photo, even though my silly human insists on bothering me with that flashy thing? I am worth it! And please, please don't point out the obvious that there are two boxes here in the picture - I like the raised effect - so don't even suggest it gets lowered so I can share with what-his-name (ugh!) Anyhoo, must run, lots to do.....Gracias in advance! You're the best!

Manitou (or Manitoodles, as my silly but well-meaning human likes to call me sometimes - how undignified! I am the Grand Manitou of the Townships of the East, if you please!)

Now isn't that amazing? What spunk!

As always, there's lots more to see at The Friday Ark and then Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.

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