Thursday, November 05, 2009

Blog Blast for Peace

I only found out about this at the end of the day, but apparently November 5 is when all bloggers should blog for world peace (or something), by posting a globe image found on a blog whose address I have lost (temporarily)! Anyway, my small effort is here nevertheless.

And I'll add a few lines from a song my brother loved to play, by Lonnie Liston Smith, entitled A Time of Peace:

All we need in this world is a time of peace,
A time for life and love, with all guidance from above...

We need peace for the children so they may lead a better life,
What a joy divine, what a perfect state of mind...

[I think some of those words may be off....and it's just a snippet...I'll try and post the whole lyric later].


  1. Welcome to the peace blogging movement. It's good to have you. Hope to see you next year too.

  2. Glad you stumbled upon the Blog Blast and posted yours!

    Peace to you, Anya.

  3. That seems like quite the lovely song.


  4. Thanks for joining us! We call it Blog Blast for Peace, and it is inspired by Mimi Lenox of Mimi Writes. Here's the link.

    Peace to you and yours!

  5. What a beautiful tribute to the peace movement. Welcome and thank you for participating. Please visit the others and see the globes.
    You are #1611 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery.