Friday, February 05, 2010



In these shots, you can see the rings around his neck and tail that indicate a definite tabby "influence".

Chesney (who for a month was called Chelsea until we were informed otherwise (!) - the little guy that appeared lost and alone on Labour Day, has turned out to be a little sweetheart. Although quite independent as well, he loves to snuggle on my lap (on the rare time that it is actually unoccupied!), and in the basket close to my armchair where I watch television.
Photobucket But perhaps the most endearing this he does occurs at bedtime. He will often come on the bed, approach from behind my head on the pillow, and tuck his front paws down under the covers and onto my (usually very warm) arm. As I feel his cold little pads on my skin, I briefly feel sad that he was abandoned, and without claws to defend himself. But, I try to focus on, and thank, whatever invisible hand lead him to my porch.

He and Chaiyka, both very young, are often a tireless, tumbling twosome! When cavorting upstairs in the bedroom which is situated above the living room where we watch TV, it sounds like a couple of elephants frolicking overhead. They are so much fun to watch, and I would dearly love to have a photo of them in action, but they're just too fast to catch!

More frolicking and other activities can be seen atThe Friday Ark and then Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.


  1. He is so lucky to have found you ..

  2. He is just so cute.

  3. He is so beautiful; a mix of Russian Blue and Tabby to soften him up a bit. Do you mean his claws had been removed??
    Thank you Anya for taking him in. Well now, how could you resist. My burmese sleeps with me, tucking her back feet on my tummy and her front paws under my breasts and her head rests above my heart. Sometimes though she sneaks in when I'm already asleep and I wake to find her keeping my back warm!