Saturday, August 19, 2017

August Already

Ginja poses with Carnations in honour of my sister's birthday,
tomorrow actually, but birthdays here are a weekend event!

Same flowers with a filter I just discovered.
Cool eh?

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Kobi's Progress

Last May, following the death of his owner, who was our neighbour across the street, little Kobi was left an orphan.

Before he passed, we were asked, no,
instructed to take care of his beloved Kobi, no matter what.
But, we already had 6 cats!
Here is the little guy still at the old house, his home - his garden.
In the next few months, he would see many changes...lots of people, noises, some familiar, some not....coming and going.....

His master's furniture being moved is the
old couch on the side of the road, and Kobi makes the most of it before it leaves for good.  

Waiting at the back door.... 

Waiting up on the porch railing, spotted there one evening... 

...with only the lonely sounds of the mobile to keep him company...

And finally it is done, it is final, the house, his house, goes up for sale. There is nothing left for him there, and the clock is ticking...time to check out the other side of the road...
In our back yard, getting to know the various lounging areas....

He spots Zena...oh boy...Zena will not be amused!

And at last, on the back porch, looking into the kitchen.... 
He realizes, this is home now.

Not bad at all.
A funny new resting area appears in December...

The Christmas tree was a total loss this year,
they were all in cahoots to bring it down,
ornament by ornament.

Ah, lounging by the fireplace,
Kobi and Ginja we can almost feel those "virtual" flames.
(TV fireplace channel!)
Spring is coming.
This bright-eyed feline is enjoying
the sun and the amaryllis blooms.

Prime real estate,
as all the furry residents know.
Ah, that afternoon sun!
Kobi has caught on fast!

Our Kobi. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Without Our Golden Boy

After a relatively short illness, our beautiful Grand Manitou of the Townships of the East has left us. We are heart-broken.

My office - now.
Sad - alone.
Harry Nilsson singing Remember.
"Long ago, far away...
life is just a memory"

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Introducing Kobi

Introducing Kobi. Our neighbour of many years across the street died on May 14 from a suddenly diagnosed cancer. His last wish was that we promise to take care of his beloved cat, Kobi. His elderly dog went with his master to the rainbow bridge within a day of each other. A very sad and emotional time for everyone involved. Here, Kobi is in our solarium, across the street from where he used to live. Of course the other furry residents were used to seeing him around in the garden occasionally, but inside the house, well that was another thing entirely. Luckily, after a few spurts of hissy-spitty-growly, it has not gone too badly, and he has not spent much time sequestered in the "adjustment room."  But we have had to be vigilant during the weeks following: the emptying of the house, sale of furnishings etc., sale of the house, including an open house event. Very sad.

Amaryllis Dancing Queen in the late spring sun

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Old Chair - New Chair, and Keeping Warm

Little Elvi catches some rays on the "chair-to-be thrown-away-but-cannot-now-because-they-love-it-so-much!"

My new chair which replaced the above, but the above is now much coveted.
It does not fit, it is ugly, it is worn out and torn. But they love it - how can i throw it out?!
Maybe later on....when no one is looking!
Ginja - golden boy in the sunny window garden.

Ah - love that old ugly chair!
"Mummy no, don't throw it out!"

The window-scape - what gets me through the winter. Five type of blooms: Oxalis purple shamrock, overwintered begonia (trying to be an orchid/vine, flowering maple, orchid and amaryllis of course.

Antarctica and Minerva

Pink Impression

Red Pearl

Rembrandt van Rijn

Happy Spring!