Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer at Last - Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

Our back porch features a new addition, which is useful for both plants and cats. 
Tristan demonstrates...

Such a hot day - a perfect place to catch a cross-breeze.
This shelf is reserved!

Time for brunch...

I love Lee Valley!

A most welcome gift from a friend, fabulous photos...

A most excellent spinach quichey, omelettey creation!

Oh - Tristan is on guard - someone is coming!

Il Pantero (aka The Reverend) likes to visit kitty day-care chez nous!
"Fill my bowl please!"

Chaiyka enjoys the expanded patio walkway - nice and cool on a hot day.

Love this new bright red Begonia - just gorgeous!

All manner of Dianthus are in bloom - cannot have a garden without
Sweet William.

Salpiglossis, or Painted Tongue, related to the Petunia,
is stunning.

Welcome Summer!