Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer at Last - Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

Our back porch features a new addition, which is useful for both plants and cats. 
Tristan demonstrates...

Such a hot day - a perfect place to catch a cross-breeze.
This shelf is reserved!

Time for brunch...

I love Lee Valley!

A most welcome gift from a friend, fabulous photos...

A most excellent spinach quichey, omelettey creation!

Oh - Tristan is on guard - someone is coming!

Il Pantero (aka The Reverend) likes to visit kitty day-care chez nous!
"Fill my bowl please!"

Chaiyka enjoys the expanded patio walkway - nice and cool on a hot day.

Love this new bright red Begonia - just gorgeous!

All manner of Dianthus are in bloom - cannot have a garden without
Sweet William.

Salpiglossis, or Painted Tongue, related to the Petunia,
is stunning.

Welcome Summer!


  1. Your photos are beautiful! You can almost smell the Sweet Williams!

  2. Hi Anya! Thank you for your very nice comment on my slavic-garden blog! It was really nice reading it :) If your parents were Polish - you're almost Polish, too! Do you remember where did your parents live in Poland at that time? In which part of Poland? Im from central part, Mazovia region. I can give you lots of Polish recipes or help you with translation - so you could remind yourself about Polish food :) My grandma, who passed away last Septemper, was my source of cooking methods, recipes and tending the garden. I have many her recipes which I keep as a tresure. My mom cooks more in a modern way, she likes Hungarian cuisine or Italian (me too of course) but, I always have a sentimental attachment to a traditional Polish cuisine.

    I'll be visiting your blog!
    I love your cats, I'm a cat addict, too! I love the way you take photos of them, they make me smile :)

    Take care and have a nice day!

  3. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Hi Anya, Happy Canada Day. Clearly, your shelf unit was a very practical addition. Beautiful bright flowers! Love the salpiglossis. Sheri