Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rain and Wind and Snow - Oh My!

 Yes - we actually had some snow on the weekend - it was utterly depressing to see my tulips getting smashed by the torrential rains. And, this year we had more lilac on our old lilac tree than ever before - it was stunning. But that too was pelted with buckets of rain. Sigh. But today the sun is out, and all is very green, very moist, but the grass and weeds, very high.
Saved a small crab-apple one winter,
from a neighbor's tree.
Winter-sowed the seeds within.
In spring, one germinated, and grew over the years.
6 years later I finally have blooms.


So pretty.....

Tulips  before the rains....

Happy Spring!!


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    The weather has been very up and down. We had blazing heat at the beginning of last week, and then it cooled off and rained all weekend. Fortunately, most of my tulips were done. Good job on starting the crab apple from seed!

  2. These tulips are gorgeous!