Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scenes from Christmas Past

Where did it go?
Any ideas?

What a messy table,
Just me and the cats hangin' out..
adding some class to this
Christmassy chaos.

Hmm - is somebody plotting something?

How about this innocent-looking fellow?
just the night before this....

Middle of the night crash heard,
I feared what it was,
and sure enough - it was.

Or rather, it wasn't -

"Wasn't me", says Manitou, all cute and floofy.
"Wasn't me" says Rascal - holiday guest No.1
"Wasn't me either", says holiday guest No.2 Pantero (Reverend)
"Couldn't have been me - I don't even live here!"
Exclaims Kitty-never-seen-before-hope-he's-not-homeless-and-especially-hope-not-an-expectant-female!

Ghost - remnants,
Shape of Christmas Tree,

(Mr. Poole "ain't talkin")

So what did Crazy Christmas Cat Lady do?
Must have a tree for Epiphany
It's only January 4th!
In response to suggestions to put Christmas away,
Since it came down anyway.

Oh yes, the tree rose again, sans glass balls,
Just an icy vision, mostly white and luminous,
nothing breakable.
We hang on to Christmas tightly,
despite disasters. :)

Longfellow approves of the restoration....
the brief prolongation of
holiday cheer....

...Until next year...
For auld lang syne...

Happy and Healthy New Year everyone!