Friday, April 25, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Ah - the life of a cat in a good home - couldn't that be the very definition of heaven and bliss? Especially when your story is one of hardship and cold winters and struggling to survive. Here we have Bandito: he was a poor suffering stray cat, who, when we first saw him, ran away at the very slight movement of the door curtain. It took 2 years for him to even consider being inside the screened-in porch. But once he came in, he realized he had found his forever home, and refuses to talk about those bad old days, on the run, unloved, hungry and alone. We tell him regularly: "you know why we called you Bandito? 'Coz you stole our hearts!!? And also for that lovely Zorro mask he has. This is one happy boy, as the pictures clearly attest.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shuttle Service For Manitou!!

So, what a difference a day makes! After yesterday's tumultuous events, I am happy to report that the great Manitou is back! Yes! This is the update: so, the SPCA had given us the former cat owner's number (at her request) which indicated that she obviously wanted to talk to us. We tried to banish bad suspicious thoughts - tried to infuse some possitivity into this sad mess, by calling the woman. Well, she said this used to be her cat, and that she had given him to a neighbour, (after she could not keep him any longer), and the said neighbour moved without taking him, i.e. abandoning him. He apparently has been homeless since December. Then - get this - she said: IF YOU WANT HIM YOU CAN COME AND GET HIM!!! Wowee! We were ecstatic! What a turn of events! So, our neighbour drives us over, we pick up Manitou (aka "LiLoup" - meaning little wolf) - and we come home. Manitou emerges from the carrier as if to say: "cool, shuttle service too - I was way too tired to walk all the way back." He was mighty thirsty, might hungry and then had a good long sleep - as we all did last night.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And Then Manitou Went Home.....

So upset at our household today. The SPCA called and said a woman has "our" cat, and that it was her lost cat! The silly thing went home - a few streets away. After almost 2 months! To a woman who had him unfixed for 2 or 3 years, and the worst was his mattes - rock hard solid masses (that we kept - it was so amazing and horrifying - evidence, you know!) - these mattes were coming off with his skin in areas. I am so upset I can barely speak about it. And a confrontation might be coming - with the original owner, as she did agree that the SPCA give us her number. When he went missing for her, she didn't place an ad in the paper, or put up a notice at the local grocery store as many people do when a pet goes missing. We regularly checked both. You know, you think you're doing the right thing - and then it just seems sometimes that life is just so unfair - big surprise - NOT! AND I have chronic pain it seems - back - knee - chiro for 3 months did nothing. I can hardly walk at times. All in all not a good day, though outside it is glorious summer sun, in my heart all is black and I just want to cry.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Bit of Summer in Spring

At long last we have been given some warmth and hope that all this snow will eventually leave. Those huge, often dirty piles, even mountains of snow are rapidly melting thanks to the heat wave we are suddenly enjoying. From boots to sandals in a week, and it feels great! Ah yes, roll out those lazy hazy days of summer - just like our Longfellow here - how nice just to lounge in the sun and simply enjoy the warmth.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Indoor Garden and Cats

What is more perfect, than cats in gardens? And when we have no garden through the long and snowy winter? Well, I rely on my indoor window garden, graced by numerous amaryllis, kalanchoes, African Violets, and the odd geranium (pelargonium, to be precise) that decides to break its winter dormancy - that is always a lovely surprise, and makes me thankful I didn't compost that plant, but saved it from frost at the last minute. Indeed, saving scraggly geraniums for the next season has often been rewarding, even though space can quickly become a problem.

Here we have Timmy, who you have already met, and of course some more shots of the grand Manitou - who is settling in quite nicely, despite the occasional natterings of the others (mostly, the persnickety Angel).

Ah yes, spring is coming, we can all feel it in the air, and today I saw crocuses on the neighbor's lawn - a welcome sight indeed.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Update on Manitou

Well, it will be two months this weekend that we rescued Manitou (aka Glamour-Puss, Patapouf - sometimes he has a "nom du jour" - good for one day only). Anyway, the current residents are still not exactly the best welcoming committee, but he is so good natured - he seems more perplexed than angry at their continual and various sounds and displays of disapproval. Anyway, here he is looking very comfy and secure.But he did one day escape by accident - ran across the road - onto the neighbour's porch, but happily he was very easy to retrieve (unlike my gang - most run away from me when I try to pick them up outdoors - very odd).

I am a day early, but

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