Thursday, April 03, 2008

Update on Manitou

Well, it will be two months this weekend that we rescued Manitou (aka Glamour-Puss, Patapouf - sometimes he has a "nom du jour" - good for one day only). Anyway, the current residents are still not exactly the best welcoming committee, but he is so good natured - he seems more perplexed than angry at their continual and various sounds and displays of disapproval. Anyway, here he is looking very comfy and secure.But he did one day escape by accident - ran across the road - onto the neighbour's porch, but happily he was very easy to retrieve (unlike my gang - most run away from me when I try to pick them up outdoors - very odd).

I am a day early, but

be sure to check out The Friday Ark and then Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.


  1. Manitou looks very cute perched up there. Beautiful cat!

  2. Manitou is GORGEOUS - there really isn't any other word for him!

  3. Anonymous8:27 AM

    FYI - The wife and I also have a cat named Manitou (we lived in Colorado Springs in the nineties). He's nine years old, 18 pounds, very cocky, but also very affectionate.