Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shuttle Service For Manitou!!

So, what a difference a day makes! After yesterday's tumultuous events, I am happy to report that the great Manitou is back! Yes! This is the update: so, the SPCA had given us the former cat owner's number (at her request) which indicated that she obviously wanted to talk to us. We tried to banish bad suspicious thoughts - tried to infuse some possitivity into this sad mess, by calling the woman. Well, she said this used to be her cat, and that she had given him to a neighbour, (after she could not keep him any longer), and the said neighbour moved without taking him, i.e. abandoning him. He apparently has been homeless since December. Then - get this - she said: IF YOU WANT HIM YOU CAN COME AND GET HIM!!! Wowee! We were ecstatic! What a turn of events! So, our neighbour drives us over, we pick up Manitou (aka "LiLoup" - meaning little wolf) - and we come home. Manitou emerges from the carrier as if to say: "cool, shuttle service too - I was way too tired to walk all the way back." He was mighty thirsty, might hungry and then had a good long sleep - as we all did last night.

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