Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And Then Manitou Went Home.....

So upset at our household today. The SPCA called and said a woman has "our" cat, and that it was her lost cat! The silly thing went home - a few streets away. After almost 2 months! To a woman who had him unfixed for 2 or 3 years, and the worst was his mattes - rock hard solid masses (that we kept - it was so amazing and horrifying - evidence, you know!) - these mattes were coming off with his skin in areas. I am so upset I can barely speak about it. And a confrontation might be coming - with the original owner, as she did agree that the SPCA give us her number. When he went missing for her, she didn't place an ad in the paper, or put up a notice at the local grocery store as many people do when a pet goes missing. We regularly checked both. You know, you think you're doing the right thing - and then it just seems sometimes that life is just so unfair - big surprise - NOT! AND I have chronic pain it seems - back - knee - chiro for 3 months did nothing. I can hardly walk at times. All in all not a good day, though outside it is glorious summer sun, in my heart all is black and I just want to cry.

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