Friday, April 11, 2008

Indoor Garden and Cats

What is more perfect, than cats in gardens? And when we have no garden through the long and snowy winter? Well, I rely on my indoor window garden, graced by numerous amaryllis, kalanchoes, African Violets, and the odd geranium (pelargonium, to be precise) that decides to break its winter dormancy - that is always a lovely surprise, and makes me thankful I didn't compost that plant, but saved it from frost at the last minute. Indeed, saving scraggly geraniums for the next season has often been rewarding, even though space can quickly become a problem.

Here we have Timmy, who you have already met, and of course some more shots of the grand Manitou - who is settling in quite nicely, despite the occasional natterings of the others (mostly, the persnickety Angel).

Ah yes, spring is coming, we can all feel it in the air, and today I saw crocuses on the neighbor's lawn - a welcome sight indeed.

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