Friday, January 16, 2009

Equal Opportunity, Please

I have been receiving some complaints from the furry residents that my blog seems to be overloaded with photos of Manitou, AKA Macushla (an Irish term of address expressing affection, like darling), the Big Mac, Fluff-Meister, etc. Well, while it was not intended that way, I do plead guilty, but perhaps he's the one cat that seems to sit still the longest so his full splendor may be captured again and again. But I digress! On this Friday I am therefore including pictures of everyone, and yes, Macushla as well! How can I resist!

Angel says "it's about *&^% time you posted a picture of me!"

Timmy on guard.

Longfellow reposes.

Macushla eats too much turkey!

Bandito stakes out his territory under the Christmas tree.

The Big Mac waits for more turkey, having sufficiently recovered!

Check out who else has been pouting or posing over at The Friday Ark and then Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.


  1. Your cats are so lovely! :) And I'm jealous of your amaryllis plants.

  2. Demand your blogging time. All cats should get equal opportunity!!