Monday, June 04, 2012

Goodbye to Noomi

Here are the last pictures of little Noomi - he was a wee little guy and light as a feather:

This little guy wasn't even ours. But he was a regular visitor, and often we would find him snoozing in the basement on a pile of old comforters, or we'd come across him in one of the many baskets available. He was a master at sneaking in without us seeing him. His owners had asked us not to encourage him to come into our place, and he seemed to know they would not be pleased - but he came - just the same. He is ok, just gone: his owners have moved.

They used to live an apartment just behind our fence, just a "hop, skip and jump" away for the little Noom - we'd find him on our porch most mornings. His owners recently told us not to worry if we see Noomi no more, as they have bought a house. Hurray for them, but not so much for little Noomi: you see the house is on a busy street, so he will be indoors mostly, perhaps out on a leash now and then. No more running free, no more sleeping under a hedge on a summer afternoon. My last glimpse of him: he was playing with the long grass in  my yard, near the tree he would love to climb and scratch. I somehow felt that that was the last time I would see him, and so it was. One morning, he did not appear. Gone. I miss the little guy, and my big tabby Chaiyka seems to miss him as well - he would often get treats at Noomi's house. "Come over to my place - it's great!" Chaiyka must have said to Noomi, a couple of years ago, when we first spotted shy little Noomi in our yard.  Lately, Chaiyka goes to the old apartment, but no one is there. I feel sad.

Here is how I like to remember him: Noomi last spring

This is my favourite photo of him, taken last year at the height of the unfolding spring. He loved our garden. Goodbye little Noom. Be well.


  1. Noomi is very handsome. We hope he is enjoying his new house.

  2. He was cute !!!
    I know how you feel. We had a German Shepard who loved to come in our house. His owners never seemed to be around and they let him roam free. We went over to his house and asked if we could keep him. They said no and they would be moving soon. I missed him so much that I went out and got my own dog. So, I do know how it feels.

  3. Cats choose where they want to be. If he wants to be with you, don't be surprised if you find him in your basement again soon. He might just find his way to your house one day.

    The "light as a feather" part worries me. Was he just small or did he not get enough to eat?

  4. Morgen - don't worry, Noomi ate tons at our place, and his bones could never be felt, which would indicate underfeeding. He simply was light - very small/compact - unusual for a male cat. As for finding his way back to us, that is unlikely since he won't have the freedom to do so - unless he escapes by accident, and also, it seems the house is rather far away - across town, divided by a river :(

  5. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Awww what lovely pictures. I hope he's happy in his new abode wherever he now lives. I bet he will think of you and yours very fondly ;-) xxx