Friday, April 12, 2013

Waiting and Dreaming: Suncatcher

As we wait today for a nasty winter storm with lots of snow,
We recall just last weekend as the sun shone down,
Dreaming of endless sunny days
and flowers,
endless flowers.

The most gorgeous (and huge) Hyacinths EVER,
from Cat Wrangler.

This photo came out blurry and was going to delete it.
Applied watercolor effect
and what a lovely surprise.
Aren't I talented? ;)


  1. Those photos, the first in particular, feed my soul. Just gorgeous.

    I hope the storm isn't as bad as the predictions. We've had freezing rain/rain all day, but we missed the ice pellets and snow that were forecast yesterday.

    I don't know where Spring is, but I can promise you She's not in southeastern Ontario at the moment!

  2. Three beautiful pictures!

  3. I can smell it from here.

    Did you say snow .. say it isn't so.


  4. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Beautiful! We were supposed to get 6 inches of snow, but it came down as freezing rain and just plain rain and the storm passed through uneventfully. Hope you escaped too.

  5. What a lovely spring photos! The first one especially is so cute!