Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wild is the Wind

I am sure a mini-tornado (or something close to it) hit our area of the north ward last month: wind whipped up very suddenly and furiously  - massive amounts of rain - sideways - poured into the sun-porch through the screen windows! Our beautiful maple tree, the cornerstone of the garden, has been decimated. So sad - it was a glorious orange-red in the fall - hallmark of Maple Grove Gardens. Other people had bad tree damage too - barbecues, shutters, planters and garbage bins went flying. Not much sleep to be had that night - and up early the next day to see the extent of the damage done by the brief but intense violence of the wind. Luckily all my cats were safe inside at the time - it was truly scary - one feels so vulnerable and at the mercy of nature. My big beautiful towering acacias (they must be some of the tallest in my town), so awesome in early summer with their fragrant and abundant blossoms, now look very menacing - especially when the wind blows hard.  

Ultimately, the entire tree did not need to be cut down, thankfully, as its removal would have created a huge hole in the garden, not mention a huge hole in my bank account! But it has lost its symmetry, its fullness, and the light is filtered in a different way. The tree is no longer perfect - it is scarred and flawed - but - still alive.  I recall our recent conversation concerning the lack of sunlight, and how we had too much shade in recent years. Be careful what you wish for...

Sic transit gloria mundi
Farewell, beautiful Maple.
PS - thanks to Google Street view I have these photos....
I never thought to take them myself.
And how cool that we see the shadow of the "Googler".


  1. So sad when trees get damaged or knocked down by storms!

    Btw, my camera is a Nikon D7100 DSLR and i love it!

  2. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Ain't Google amazing? Thank goodness you and all the cats were safe. We had a similar incident at the beginning of July. We were away and my daughter was babysitting the animals. She and neighbours told us a wild wind came through quite suddenly and was very scary. It left 3 big trees down close to the house, including one across the roadway. Gael had to wait for the Town to send someone out to clean it away before she could get out to work.

  3. Ah -- a big loss. But so glad you have some remainder . . . . and that you and yours are safe.

  4. Ah -- a loss. My condolences. But I'm glad you have a remainder/reminder -- and that you and yours are safe.

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I leave comments here but they just disappear into never never land. Do you get them? Sheri

  6. Glad you are safe after that storm. It's a shame about the maple.