Tuesday, January 07, 2014

On the 4th Day of Christmas...

... the cosmos gave to me, oh no, another kitty!  Yes, on December 28th, some wretch of a human being decided to dump an approximately 4-5 month old kitten near my porch. This, on the heels of a devastating ice-storm - sharp shards of ice everywhere, and a day before the onset of the worst cold-spell we have ever had. Very cold for very long. Had my sister, who was visiting that night, not gone back to her car for something at the right moment, heard the plaintive meowing... Well, I shudder to think. She surely would not have survived the cold for so long. When I followed the sound, I spied a wee little thing, a kitten, maybe 4 months old. Grabbing it quickly and firmly by the scruff before it could escape, I exclaimed "it's a baby Zena" (the "new" kitty we had just saved this past fall). Oh dear.  Once I see them (read: have them in the house), I’m done – toast. Folks, there is a reason why "kitten" rhymes with "smitten"!! Such an incredible cutie, as you can see, with wide innocent eyes. She had a nice round tummy, not starved at all, and in very good shape all-in-all. Not fearful either, which indicates she had no been out on her own for too long.

Yes, she has claws!!
I say this happily because here in Quebec, the pet stores almost always declaw the kittens - so barbaric!
Especially since these poor babies so often find themselves outdoors with no protection.

Baby "Zena"

Zena has just barely settled in, and I mean barely – still chaos and “territory wars”. I don’t think she has ever been socialized with other cats. Days are not so bad, but she seems to be hunting our gentle giant Manitou at night – while he's fast asleep - awful! Not just for the sudden awakening to THAT sound, and cat people will know what I mean. Why him? He is so non-confrontational. I think in her former outdoor life, she spent all her time warding off potential danger and defending herself from other cats.  Nights must have been the worst, maybe she was ambushed a few times, and maybe this is why she behaves this way. Her sleep is sound and deep during the day. And now, this kitten….  

Anyway, time changes everything, as we all know, but for now the very familiar symptoms of "cabin-fever" abound, and we are all dreaming of spring, which seems so very very far away. The ice-storm just before Christmas was devastating. Much of the lilac decimated, and lots of branches snapped from trees. But luckily we were amongst those that retained power - some had a dark Christmas - so sad.  Here are a few scenes of the aftermath:

Everything drizzled with 2-3 inches of ice!

Intrepid Manitou inspects the newly transformed landscape.

"When's spring??"


  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Kitten, Smitten, I like that ! I would have done the same thing. She looks so soft and is so very cute. Your ice pictures are amazing. Spring does seem so very far away. Stay warm, Cindy

  2. What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL kitten! And a lucky kitten, too. I love how fluffy and filled-out she looks. It seems she has made herself quite at home.

  3. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Hee, just what you needed for Christmas, another cat! But she's a beauty, and so charming, who could resist? I find once you get over a half dozen, the territory struggles never end. We have two living in the basement who don't get along with two upstairs, etc etc Does the new kit have a name? Sheri

  4. The kitten is no problem, really - the others have shown no issues toward her, but Zena is another matter. I think the poor thing was never socialized properly, and is very furtive, resting only briefly. Two in the basement, eh? Well, Zena is now being sequestered at night since we realized the extent of her nightly "raids". We are all sleeping much better, and I am sure Zena is as well, since she seemed compelled to patrol and attack. As for the kit, she is L.V. or Little Voice (a most charming movie), since she barely squeaks above a whisper. We are hoping the end of cabin-fever season, and onset of spring might alleviate the stress. Hope "springs" eternal! -Anya

  5. Anonymous5:05 PM

    That's cute, Little Voice. I haven't seen the movie, I'll have to look for it.
    For no reason we can fathom, Tonka and Buddy hate Mikey and will attack him. Mikey seems totally mild to us. He is the littermate of Arthur, who is accepted. However, Momcat, who has never become tame, prefers to hide in the basement away from people, and Momcat adores Mikey, so he mostly lives down there with her. In the summer, they both go outside. Cat relationships...they're complicated! I fear Zena may never settle in, as has been the case with Momcat, but good luck!

  6. Absolutely awesome ice photos (and of course lovely cat photos too) but these ice photos are wonderful.