Friday, July 27, 2018

The Summer Thus Far - Hot!!

Hmm - seems to me there was an April post here, but it is gone. Very strange.

 I ran out of time to plant them in the fall,
but I was able to force with great success.
Will try again this year.

The earliest of my daylilies - Middendorfii - blooming at the beginning of June, lasting until the 3rd week.

My fearless towering Acacias,
in full bloom here in mid June,
my house is the barely visible one at the end near the pine tree.

Physical problems have forced me to slow down,
and find aids like this one.
Ginja found it quite comfortable!
I bought a second one :)

Perfect size too :)

I am accustomed to my purple Clematis, below, but this year,
like a miracle, a white one bloomed, just one single flower.
How is that possible, and a double (triple?) no less.
It was the only single clematis at the time - the purples had not even begun.

Smuggler's Gold - a solid beauty- a bit more yellow in real life.

Flowering Maple (Abutilon),
Winters in the basement, this past year was so neglected,
Cat Wrangler was sure it was dead and wanted to throw it out.
Truly, there were no signs of life.
After a month outside, tiny leaves appeared,
then later, came into bloom.

Jamaican Me Crazy

Outrageous - it sure is!!


South Seas - after today's rain

And when it's so hot as it has been lately,
what else can one do, than lie belly up, and try to catch a breeze.
Alas, we do all all look this cute in the attempt

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