Friday, August 28, 2009


Dear Everyone Who are Following my Plight:

Look! I mean LOOK! There he is - brazenly lounging in MY lounger! How dare he??? On top of it all, he chases me from the porch - I can barely get into the house for my regularly scheduled snack break. He is a fiend, I tell you! And he sucks up big-time to the human that sits in front of a box most of the day - he climbs up onto his lap, where I used to be...sigh...and look at the other Timmy's basket! Come winter - Timmy will be aghast! I am not sure what "aghast" means, but I tell you - it's close to being P'ed Off, and we certainly don't need more of that around here! And poor Angel - she is sure he is the Devil incarnate! WHAT TO DO??? If anyone has ideas, please send them along.

Very desperately yours,


As always, there's more to see at The Friday Ark and then Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.

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  1. Poor Manitou! Usurped by an interloper. My fluffy orange tabby Julius feels your pain. He was a happy only kitty for all of a month before three-legged Alex moved in and took over, and then, horrors, the adorable kitten Naomi. Julius suggests you do as he does: rise above it all and pretend the other scum-cats don't exist!