Thursday, October 01, 2009

Each of these - my babies...

For Tim, and all my babies now gone:
In my soul
My blood and my bones
I have wrapped your cold bodies around me
The face on you
The smell of you
Will always be with me

I wish could get music to embed like at JC's. I can't get a link to work here. Just Google Three Babies by Sinead O'Connor - it is such a haunting song - I first played it for the passing of my Popeye, so many years ago. This song moves me to my core, especially when she sings the lines, "the face on you, the smell of you".

Thank you so very much to all of you wonderful people who stopped by to give sympathy - I have been very touched - profoundly. A special thanks to JC, who started it all - bless you. Soon I'll post pictures of Tim - for the moment, it is too difficult to look at them, especially those I took just a few days before he left us.


  1. Anya ... you don't need to thank me. I know how it feels to lose a beloved Purr friend.

    This is how I got my music to work ... You put it at the bottom of your blog. That way it shows ..

    Go to the bottom of my blog. See the button that says ..crete your playlist. It should take you to the site. When you are done .. you want the copy for a blog. You copy that ... I saved mine to a file. You then go into your template and place it at the bottom.

    Every time you want to change music you need to go back to the playlist and save it again into a file.

    That should work for you ...

  2. My dearest Anya! There is no way my words can bring you comfort at a time like this. Please know how much I care that you are so sad. You are a gentle soul full of honesty...
    What the heart once loved, it never will forget. Your precious Tiny Tim has written his name in your heart...
    Soft hugs from Miss Peach

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I have stood where you stand and I know it is an aching, empty place. You gave him freedom from pain at the cost of your own but there was no other choice. ((hugs))