Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grey Days

It snowed this morning, just a few flakes and no accumulation, but it's sign that winter is coming, and I feel cold, through and through. Little Angel has been inconsolable since the passing of our Tim. They had a special relationship and she knew him since her first days with us as very very small "in-the-palm-of-your-hand" kitten. I often found them together like in the photo. She now knows something is wrong - she seems to be looking for him, and every now and then she peers at little Chesney as if trying to make sure it's not really Tim. No, not Tim, but as little Ches grows week after week - near glimpses of Tim will be inevitable. But not for Angel - she knows he is gone, she is very quiet, and she sleeps a lot. I wish I could do the same...


  1. Lovely photo of the two of them.
    With time, she'll stop looking.
    It's never easy

    When my Lilly Ann disappeared, I couldn't go out on my front porch for two years. That was our place.

    Now, I just have fond memories and those days will come for you.

  2. How calm they look together. Yes, pusscats will always look for one another and fret when they can't find one. If I'm out searching for one of my wayward cats, the other cats all come to look too (except for Snuffly!) I hope you get some more sleep dear.

  3. Poor grieving kitty. I wish you all comfort!