Sunday, December 06, 2009

Got Any Coils???

A very sweet, energetic, and playful Chaiyka, has that "got any coils in your pocket?" look on his face. I tell you, he is absolutely addicted to those coils that are used for binding books are brochures, now commonly used as cat toys. He catches them in mid-air, tosses them, rolls them and even carries them around in his mouth. As a clawless cat (and I repeat, I DO NOT APPROVE OF DECLAWING - he came to us this way), he needs special toys that give him satisfaction, and these coils are just the ticket - he can play for over an hour, all by himself. And any move toward my pocket, elicits this look. Isn't he cute??And speaking of cute, these tiny amaryllis, a South African variety known as Piccolo Sonatini are in bloom right now, but there are many more bulbs pushing up scapes (flower stalks), so Christmas should be the usual floriferous festival of amaryllis in my window garden.

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  1. Chaiyka is adorable.

    I met someone the other day who has a polydactyl cat with seven toes on each front paw and six on each rear. She just had him declawed because she bought a new leather couch. I wanted to scream!!!!!!!

    Your amaryllises... amayllii? are gorgeous.