Friday, April 08, 2011

The Reverend

One thing about cats, is that they don't dwell on things - they live in the moment - enjoy the moment. If they can. Would that we could be like that. Here we have the first official photo of "The Reverend", so called because when he first appeared around Christmas, he had a white flea collar, which, against the black made him look rather clerical. This collar is now off, and I fear there might be an irritation there now - hard to tell, since he is skittish, and doesn't allow me to touch him - yet. And - he is not operated, which as every responsible pet owner knows, is a very bad thing, for various reasons. But - this morning as I was heading out the door for work, I almost didn't recognize him: he looked more healthy and solid, and his fur was shining in the sun. I held out a hand, and touched him ever so briefly. Progress! Indeed, he has been getting regular good quality food, which is allowing him to live better outside, and soon we will have to trap him, to have that famous trip to the veterinarian that no one likes to talk about (but - they all would admit to feeling much better afterward). We shall see how this progresses.


  1. A beautiful black boy. I like his imaginative name. Good luck with his whispering.

  2. Anya, I am so delighted to meet you. I love your writing. Please let's stay in touch. The conversation between blogspot and wordpress is not as easy as I'd like -- so will you continue to drop by mine, to remind me to drop by yours? Head-butt, tail-whack, Nadbugs.