Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, I am very late with an update and best wishes for all for 2012, but sometimes over the holidays, one is so busy doing nothing, there is not time to do anything else! ;)  Anyway, here it is Sunday afternoon, and rather than wake up the puddies with some much-needed vacuuming, I am relaxing watching the snow fall lightly, and enjoying the last days of the Christmas tree. I always hate taking everything down - it seems like I just put it all up! All seems warm and cozy, and I suspect the tree will still be here next weekend - breaking my Epiphany rule/deadline. As I write, Chaiyka, pictured above, sleeps in heavenly peace with his little pals that double as pillows. Seeing that face, would YOU start the vacuum?? I think not!


  1. REally cute. I'm with you 100% on no vacumning. You don't want to disturb the kitties. It's so upsetting for them! And my tree is still up too. It brightens the dark winter nights so nicely, I hate to take it down.

  2. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I agree - there's nothing worse than taking everything down - especially when it seems like it's only been up two minutes!

    I get earlier and earlier each year putting the tree up (usually the first weekend of December) so that it's up for longer!

    Isn't it great doing nothing!!!! MY neighbour's little girl asked me to go tot eh pictures with them - and I had to say no saying "you'll understand when you're older...but until then, take it on authority that when you can, adults like to make the most of doing absolutely nothing!!"

    Happy new year x