Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summer - in Spring

This week has been amazing - so very warm, even hot. 
A veritable heatwave.
Trees are budding, and our neighbour's forsythia is actually in bloom! The residents of Maple Grove Gardens wonder if they slept through the end of winter and even spring.
But I heard no complaints as the solarium was opened up, windows taken down, a few plants placed for some green - and the favourite spots were chosen. 
Eating al fresco in March!? 
Unheard of - but most delightful.
 Manitou finds the perfect combination of sun and shade.

Mr. Poole got so hot in the sun I was almost worried.
But cats know what feels good!

 Tristan bypassed stopping to smell the roses...

And decided to investigate what was in my coffee mug!

Photos have a somewhat dreamy, fuzzy effect as they were taken with the camera on my tablet - not great, but quite acceptable.

We are enjoying all this while it lasts,
as the sky is darkening as I write, and soon it will rain, 
and the temperature will drop.


  1. It's been warm here too!

  2. Hasn't it been a treat?

  3. Hi Anya! Loved your purry gang at home! Bests to you and kisses to all of your cats. (I'm not writing any more there but if you want to have a look also The Cat's Notebook). Cheers!

  4. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Gorgeous photos of your felines as always!! ;-)