Friday, March 15, 2013

You're Lost Little Girl....

"tell me who are you......" (The Doors)
I found this little girl randomly on ebay,
she bears a striking resemblance to me, at that age.
The street seems similar to where I live now.
Who was she?
What did she become?
Was her life a happy one?
I have given her a temporary home.

And speaking of lost ones,
this wee one appeared at our door one night.
A gorgeous, friendly kitty,
And totally oblivious to the
glares of outrage from the others
as she/her checked out the house
and all its comforts.
When grown up, she/he may very well look like our
old Billy - back in England.


  1. Billy was a magnificent boy. If you noo addition(?) looks as good, he will be a grand kittie.

    Little kittehs seem to rely on cuteness and helplessness around older cats. It seems to work.

  2. Some youngsters have complete, audacious confidence, and cow the others with attitude alone. She's a pretty kitty. And a cute little girl. It would be interesting to know what became of her.