Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cat on a hot tin roof?

.....well, no - on a cool garden umbrella. Silly Ginja decided it might be fun to climb aboard - it even spun around a bit - too funny! At first he was dubious about getting off, but once he perfected his technique - he hops on an off - just for fun, and the insects underneath.

King of the world!


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    What a character! I'd say he is rewarding you well for taking him in.
    Is that a pink Indian Touch-Me-Not plant? The giant impatiens?

  2. He is indeed! But his biting habits make me think that is perhaps why he was "dumped". Hopefully he will grow out of it a bit. Yes, giant balsam, always on the verge of being invasive at my place. If I don't pluck the seedlings in the spring, they are too big to take out - not that it's not possible, I just I don't like to destroy these majestic plants that the bees just adore - I leave a bunch for me, and for the bees!