Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Ginja Ninja

What a sweetie huh?

We have a feeling that this little guy was never socialized by mummy - so sad - God knows what these little ones have gone through by the time they find "sanctuary".
For the time being he is being isolated at night, due to his tendency to ambush and "play" a little too roughly, and a little too long.
Zena too must be isolated, due to her "hunting" our poor gentle Manitou - such a mystery, and very difficult when one has few rooms and we have the others to accommodate as well.
It was bound to happen one, that integration would not be an easy thing. For well over 25 years we have been lucky, and mostly everyone has learned to get along - most of the time.
Oh well - one day, and night, at a time.
(Btw, apologies to Willowhousechronicles for not approving her comments before now.)
Meanwhile, little LV has grown up, and lost most of her kittenish ways, which is a bit sad, but her size has not increased by much - still very small, and kitten-sized.
Such an adorable little girl.


  1. He's adorable. And LV is a beaut. What a gorgeous color. There's something very special about itty bitty kitties - I have one who is 19 years old and is barely 4 pounds. They always seem like kittens! :)

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Your Ginja Ninja does look like he has settle in comfortably! And Little LV has grown into a lovely young cat.
    We have trouble with separation too. You can run out of spare rooms! Moey has her own room because the bigger males, especially Arthur, tease and frighten her. Tut and Tibby Tabby have their own space to make sure they don't wander outside from the screen porch. They are indoors-only. Arthur should really have his own room because he is grossly overweight and locking him up is the only way to keep him from eating everything in sight! Buddy gets kicked out at night because he is a bully to everyone. And Splash, the new wander-by Tom, isn't allowed inside. He makes everyone except Buddy nervous.
    Would love to see some shots of your garden. I see LV is reclining amongst amarylis! Sheri