Monday, July 01, 2019

It's Been a Long Time - a Quick 5-month Recap

Muscari in a pot, left forgotten on the ground last fall,
was a lovely surprise out in the spring garden where almost nothing is growing yet, let alone blooming.

Spring was late this year - very late, 
and all manner of things were delayed. 
A double-decker for our girl Elvie.
But don't let that innocent face fool you!
She is craving to get outside at last.

These lovely Muscari, spent the basement as bare bulbs (in the fridge in a paper bag), and were potted up only 4 weeks ago previous to this photo. So pretty. 
Viburnum Snowball produced the biggest ever puffs this year - just gorgeous! I have read they can grow up to 15 feet high and wide! Wow, now that would be sight!

Extra early daylily Middendorfii,
every year with more scapes - this year a record 20!
A much needed splash of colour.

Arborvitae Anna's Magic Ball - how could I resist?

Gift to myself this year - a nice and high wooden planter, serving a catch all for now, but I have plans!! :)

The Snowballs in the early morning light - awesome!

These beauties just refused to bloom for Christmas!
That's OK - as long as they eventually do

The always exquisite,
always different Gervase.
A stunner!

I Think this one is Double Dragon (some tags got lost this year)
Flirtatious and festive Samba.

Two scapes blooming at the same time,
as Gervase dances in the sun.

Summer at last!

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