Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Loss: Our Chaiyka, and Introducing Lily

Our Beautiful Chaiyka left us last October 13, 2019.
He had been diabetic for 2 years, and also had developed 
a bad skin condition, with which he became obsessed (chewing).
Here he is in his prime, shortly after he came to us one early
summer day, showing off that gorgeous long tail.

During this time, late summer, a shadow began to flit by in the garden on a regular basis, and more and more frequent as the days wore on into fall. And you probably can guess the rest already.
Here she is - Lily - showing off the new garden trug that just arrived in the mail. So cute, and we need all the entertainment we can get in these strange and difficult times. I am off work until May 1, so they say, and have been off since March 23.

PS - you may notice there are two contributors to the blog now, Anya and Anya 😉 Well, back when I knew less than I do now about all this, I had another blog with another email address. I don't use it anymore, but it meant I had to sign out of Google and do other sign-ins (all very annoying), to get to this, my main blog. (Not to mention the Google photos business, having to download from G-photos to then upload here - THAT is majorly annoying). This partly caused my absence - just too bothersome. Anyway, finally found a fix today: I invited myself to be a contributor from the other blog - and voila - no more signing in and out nonsense. There was probably another way, but I was afraid to lose all this content. 😁

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