Sunday, October 04, 2020

The Summer That Wasn't

 That's how it feels anyway 😟  Very few daylilies bloomed - why? As for everything else, due to my back issues, being unable to be upright for longer than a few minutes without extreme pain setting in, it all suffered. The garden was a mess - and seemed in mourning with my decrepit state. But a few things shone through despite the gloom of Covid and my own infrastructure problems, always a combination of cats and flowers. 

Elvi loves to soak up the sun in the living-room window garden

Hostas under the Hydrangea

This  Hibiscus is a bright yellow in the heat of the summer,
but more orange in cooler temperatures, seen below.

South Seas, one of the few daylilies that bloomed this year,
and it bloomed very well. 

A very pretty new Hosta

Succulents in the sun

Kobi poses with my birthday glads, late September.

Spring ushered in something nasty, and began a 5-month lock-down at home.
But it also began with these beauties:
Darwin tulips aptly named Beauty of Spring!

And of course, some things never change:
Ginja and Zena,
"You lookin' at me?"
Who's zoomin' who eh?

Meh - whatever - some know how to make it all go away,
Lily snoozes endless hours on the couch,
more so these days now that the weather is cooler.

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