Friday, September 04, 2009

Frankie and the Dahlias

Hmm - so here is Frankie in the solarium - the tiny little Siamese that has had us all wondering, is he homeless??? He seems to be spending more and more time around the house, and today, we actually forgot he was inside, and I found him all cozy on my armchair in the living room! Such a cutie, but the other residents aren't too sure...but I suspect, before too long, I'll find most of the supposed "enemies" bum-to-bum" on the's been known to happen. The old stare, hiss, growl, and spook routine sometimes seems to be staged for the benefit of us humans: the audience.

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  1. You have a Siamese with no collar who just came in your house.

    KEEP HIM ... I would

  2. What a gorgeous kitty! I think he knows a good thing (your house) when he sees it.

  3. Oh my, he's gorgeous too!