Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We are very worried about our Tim, who went to the vet this afternoon. He was fine Sunday night, went out early Monday morning with the rest of the gang, he came in, but didn't eat breakfast as usual (his routine is to yowlfor food!), but instead went straight to bed and hasn't eaten at all, or moved much since then. he hasn't had any water either, and resists any attempts to force some in. I hate to be an alarmist (I am good at that), but I have read some scary things can be associated with sudden loss of appetite. I was thinking well maybe it's a reaction to little Chelsea (i.e. a new animal in the house)- but why now after 3 weeks? Maybe he ate something rancid outside? Maybe he fought with someone? I recall my poor PeeBee once had a brief but intense "encounter" with a local thug-cat. It affected him so badly, that over the next 2 weeks his fur came out by the handful, so much so, that his back was almost bare after a while. And then there was Mitzi, who once stopped eating the same way, but it turned out her teeth were bad - a good cleaning fixed that. Another time, she languished again - was sequestered alone in room for a few days with her own food, water and litter. Afterward, she came out totally fine, as if to say, "thanks, I needed some 'alone time' - I'm quite ok now". That was very peculiar.

Nothing to do now but wait, and worry...


  1. I hope Tim will be ok ..
    Let us know ...

  2. I always worry when cats stop eating!!! I hope Tim will be okay! Im sending him "get well kitty!" thoughts.